Strategic Workshop on Lesson Learned and Sustainability of the Gender-Responsive One-Roof Integrated Services (LTSA-MRC)


Safe and Fair: Realizing women migrant workers' rights and opportunities in the ASEAN region (2018-2022) is part of the multi-year European Union-United Nations (UN) Spotlight Initiative to Eliminate Violence against Women and Girls. Safe and Fair was conducted by the ILO and UN Women, led by the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. Safe and Fair provided technical assistance and support with a common objective to make labor migration safe and fair for all women in the ASEAN region.

The integration of a Gender Responsive MRC with the One Roof Integrated Services Office  (LTSA) for Gender Responsive Protection for Indonesian Migrant Workers is the first pilot model in Indonesia in the form of multi-stakeholder collaboration between the government, trade unions, and Women's Crisis Organizations/Centers (women crisis center). The Minister of Manpower together with the Regents have launched four Information Centers and LTSA for the Protection of Gender Responsive PMIs and Their Families (Migrant Worker Resources Centers (MRC) in four target districts, namely: Cirebon, East Lampung, Tulungagung, and Blitar.

The workshop brought together a variety of multi-stakeholders to increase the sense of belonging and build a team between respective governments, trade unions and women's crisis centres/institutions.

The workshop was held for three days, 29-31 August 2022, located at Hotel Ciputra Semarang. The first and second day workshop was attended by stakeholders including MRC managers and implementers from 4 districts. This workshop was delivered by Ms. Rini Wahyu Hariyani (RIWANI Globe) using a participatory method to ensure all participants were involved in the process. The workshop includes a dialogue session with resource persons, followed by a session of sharing experiences, findings, challenges and best practices from the MRC in 4 districts, and discussions to make collaborative agreements about future plans.

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