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RIWANI Globe is a business and human capital development consulting agency that has a strong value of integrity and dedication to encourage economic development and human resources. We are always passionate and always put the "heart" to provide services and assistance to MSMEs and clients.

We support the participation of all groups in economic development and promote gender equality and inclusiveness for marginalized groups such as youth, disability, transgender, and PLWHA.

RIWANI Globe has more than 20 years of experience in various economic empowerment programs in the form of training, mentoring, coaching, and market access for MSMEs in almost all regions in Indonesia and abroad.

RIWANI Globe is trusted by partners and business relations both from within the country and abroad. RIWANI has many experiences working with government officers, private sectors, and communities.

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To become a trusted business development center in Indonesia and internationally for the sustainable economic development


Providing transfer of knowledge, information, and technology for business development
Connecting MSMEs to access the market both nationally and internationally
Providing consultation and coaching to improve business skills and competitiveness
Building networks and collaborating with other institutions for economic and resource development

RIWANI Globe’s Service

Using the participative and adult learning methodology to practice and implement the training material.

Providing practical and effective consultation services for the clients.

We provide a platform for sharing information and networking for the participants who have been trained by RIWANI GLOBE in one business community.

Providing intensive assistance for MSMEs or Clients to help with creative thinking in developing ideas to reach the set goals.

Business Management assistance for MSMEs that provide access to the national and international Market.

We wish to make a great impact toward each other by conducting research on economic development and human capital.


RIWANI Globe uses effective approaches and methods to assist clients and become a support system for MSMEs. With an extensive network and the development of technology, we are helping to build an economic ecosystem for MSMEs in Indonesia.

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